Sortable Header Bidding

Sortable’s vendor-agnostic client-side container provides header bidding for display advertising. In addition to increasing competition for each impression, our container delivers on-page decisioning to detect non-human traffic, track viewability, and optimize floors and timeouts.


Agnostic Approach to Header Bidding

A fair and agnostic auction takes place when there is no preference placed on which bidder wins, and the bidder willing to pay the highest price fills the impression. As a member of, Sortable is committed to a publisher-first approach to header bidding, focused on transparency and control. While Sortable's header bidding solution has been around since 2015,  the adapters have all been converted to the Prebid standards, allowing publishers to easily integrate virtually any existing Prebid-approved demand adapter.

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Yield optimization tools

Our client-side container combines header bidding technology with sophisticated bid and flooring strategies, to increase yield for each impression.

  • Create demand density and auction pressure to increase yield for every impression
  • Use Sortable or publisher partner seats
  • Dynamic flooring
  • Adjustable Timeouts
  • Bid factoring
  • AdX flooring

Light-on-page code to facilitate experimentation and A/B testing

Continuously improve user experience and ad performance by experimenting with ad unit placement and page layout changes. Our code, combined with our analytics platform, allows publishers to continuously run, measure, and report on results of experiments and A/B tests such as;

  • Ad unit layout changes
  • Page layout (long form, pagination)
  • Ad treatments

Sortable Analytics can report on the performance of the A/B tests.

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Want to learn more about Sortable's header bidding container? Contact our team.