Header Bidding

Sortable’s vendor-agnostic, client-side header bidding container provides our customers with header bidding for display advertising. In addition to increasing competition for each impression, our container delivers on-page decisioning to detect non-human traffic, track viewability, and optimize floors and timeouts.

Header bidding

Agnostic approach to header bidding

We put publishers first

A fair and agnostic auction takes place with no preference placed on which bidder wins and the bidder willing to pay the highest price fills the impression. As a member of Prebid.org, Sortable is focused on transparency and control, resulting in a firm commitment to a publisher-first approach to header bidding. While Sortable's header bidding solution has been around since 2015, we’ve converted the adapters to Prebid standards. We already integrate with large and medium-sized demand partners, and are constantly adding new Prebid-approved demand adapters.

Our solution is flexible and can include:

  • Our complete header bidding container. Our technical teams build, update, test, and gain partner approval for all of our heading bidding adapters.

  • Our demand partner relationships with SSPs, Exchanges, DSPs (including AdX), and our own server-to-server connections.  Read about Sortable Server-Side Container.

  • The ability to continue working with your existing demand sources and partner relationships (including AdX).

  • Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP). We are a Google-certified publishing partner and can maintain your ad serving in our Google Ad Manager (GAM) account, or you have the option to use your own GAM account.

  • Consolidated payments to provide you with time and efficiency to focus on creating content and an excellent user experience.

  • Built-in analytics. Our industry-leading analytics ad tech platform allows publishers to easily understand monetization. We can report in near real-time on over 30 metrics and dimensions including viewability, key values, Session RPM, UTM parameters, and more. Learn about Sortable Analytics.

  • Block list management.

  • Our ad-ops experts can advise on the best ad refresh strategies.

  • Ad quality protection, including mobile redirect prevention.

  • CMP for GDPR. Use our consent management platform (CMP) or your own CMP to safely monetize EEA impressions following GDPR legislation.

  • Compatibility with many site frameworks such as Lazy Loading, SPA (Single Page Applications).

Our eCPM has risen by 60% since we started working with Sortable, and this has largely been due to Sortable bringing us access to new demand partners and giving us the reporting we need to optimize our site layouts to keep our users and advertisers happy.

Sortable tech and content strategy to quadruple revenue

See how Factinate saw organic growth of 60% to CPM, doubled session RPM and a 400% increase in yield with Sortable header bidding solution for Small Business.

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Yield optimization tools

Data-backed performance

Our client-side container combines header bidding technology with the following sophisticated bid and flooring strategies to further increase yield for each impression:

  • Dynamic flooring – Our machine learning helps set floors by factoring in past performance and other relevant metrics.

  • Timeout optimization – Our system can help optimize the right timeout values to ensure revenue is maximized without sacrificing end-user experience or page load time.

  • AdX flooring ensures that AdX is fully competing and maximizes your earnings per impression.

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Responsive support, industry experts

Industry-leading expertise

Get hands-on support from our experienced team of ad ops specialists and analysts. We’ll help walk you through experimentation with ad units, layouts, ad treatments, and A/B split tests so you can maximize your web pages and overall revenue. Our dedicated onboarding team helps ensure that getting up and running is quick and easy. With a focus on customer success, we pride ourselves on being the most important partner of our digital publishers.

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