Sortable Analytics

Every Sortable implementation includes full access to Sortable Analytics, the industry’s leading, and most comprehensive reporting suite.  

We believe that publisher operations are more than a numbers game and that the most effective teams are ones where monetization, marketing, and content teams are working together, gleaning insights from a single source of truth.

It’s the first dashboard I’ve seen that allows us to pivot our programmatic advertising data by almost any metric. We can now see how specific traffic sources on specific layouts are affecting site-wide viewability which helps us make decisions that keep our advertisers happy

A Dashboard You Can Use

Sortable Analytics is purpose-built to be a working interface for publisher ad operations and BI teams. Navigating from a high-level summary to a granular investigation only takes a few clicks (and a few seconds) and this functionality powers a richer and deeper understanding of performance.


The real insights are often just below the surface

Sortable Analytics normalizes most of your revenue sources to near-impression level. This allows publishers to review the performance of key dimensions at an aggregate level, instead of in silos, partner by partner. In ad operations, it's important to look at the big picture, and looking at the multi-layered impact of changes across the breadth of dimensions and partners adds certainty and clarity to the results.  

Sortable Analytics does not rely on static connections to partner dashboards to ingest data, which results in a much faster, more flexible treatment of the data to suit the needs of publishers.

Become a data champion

Ad ops teams make dozens of decisions each day that impact the bottom line, but evangelizing that data internally can be a challenge. Sortable Analytics can help you increase understanding of the important work your team does, and start meaningful conversations on everything from the impact of increasing bidders on revenue to how your content and marketing teams are generating a return on investment.

You don't need to be a data scientist to extract insights from Sortable Analytics either. Anyone can quickly toggle between dimensions for a given segment of a domain without needing to engage BI teams or write complex SQL queries, and it makes discovery actually fun.


Timely access to data

Sortable Analytics integrates with different traffic sources including Facebook to provide hourly reporting on how different ad campaigns, content, and audiences are performing on their site.


Optimize non-yield yield

Money matters but to effectively optimize yield, ad operations teams also need to consider how content and audience affect user experience and revenue. Sortable Analytics gives you the tools to test the revenue impact of different traffic sources, content types, page layouts, and audience segments.

  • A/B test placement and layout

  • Viewability by page and units

  • Audience acquisition

  • UTM campaign details

  • Slot level targeting

  • Size (including for your DFP)

  • Participation, win rate, timeouts, offered CPM

  • Key values

  • SessionRPM

  • Create your own custom reports and save them so they are always available


What makes Sortable different?

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Unified reporting

Our unified reporting shows performance at both the site and partner levels. As ad stacks get more sophisticated, reporting becomes more challenging for publishers, and our consolidated view of key metrics such as revenue, fill, viewability, and performance by device, geo, and partner provides insights to help publishers make smart decisions about their yield strategy. 

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Demand density drives yield, and a level playing field helps publishers succeed. We help publishers create an efficient and competitive ad stack, increasing yield with header bidding, server-to-server connections, dynamic price floors and timeouts, and partner discrepancy minimization.

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Quick integration

Our large engineering team works on behalf of our publishers, building and managing integrations, and maintaining our big data infrastructure. We’re agile and work quickly to bring solutions to market, so publishers don’t require extensive resources to be successful.

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