Sortable Server-Side Container Beta Program gives small business owners direct connections to demand sources.

Over the past two years, we’ve built a network of agencies, trade desks, and exchanges so you enjoy the shortest path to advertisers through Sortable Server-Side Container. We help publishers monetize efficiently and directly—Sortable is a top three revenue driver for our publishers alongside our SSP partners. More demand, more bids for your inventory.

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Increase yield

Server-side connections give publishers efficient access to partners, creating demand density server side and ultimately, increasing revenue. With server-side, you’ll:

  • Control your own floors
  • Access direct sourced ad spend
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Fast response time, lightweight installation

Server-side auctions are conducted on an external server, not in the browser. With one piece of code, you get seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and tech stack. Sortable keeps all the connections up to date, reducing your need for dedicated ad-ops or engineering resources.

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Trusted and transparent

Sortable server-side connections shorten the chain between buyers and publishers like you, preventing fraud and increasing accountability for ad quality. And, with Sortable’s commitment to being vendor agnostic, you’re guaranteed the highest bid will always win.


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Built-in analytics

Sortable's best in-class integrated analytics platform allows publishers to easily understand monetization. Our powerful platform provides unified, near-real time monetization reporting powered by Sortable Analytics.  Query against:

  • Partner
  • Geo
  • Placement
  • Device
  • Hour
  • SIze
  • And more