Sortable for eCommerce

Getting Started Guide


Thanks for partnering with Sortable to drive new advertising revenues for your site.  Here's how to get started:

Review the Terms and Agreement.png

Step 1. Review and sign Sortable’s Terms and Conditions.

Check out the basics of working with Sortable. You'll be informed of fees, terms of the agreement,  cancellation details and more. Have questions? We're happy to walk you through it. 


Step 2. Select your blocking requirements

With Sortable for eCommerce, you control your brand experience. Specify the ads you want blocked in two ways.

1. Category blocking means that we'll prevent certain ad types from displaying on your site. By default, we'll block sensitive categories like religion, politics, get rich quick, etc. With category blocking:

  1. When you choose to block specific categories, you're removing those advertisers from buying ads on your site.
  2. The more categories you block, the less demand you to draw from.
  3. We don't recommend blocking too narrowly— Unless they're in direct competition to your business.

2. Advertiser blocking means we'll stop specific brands from showing up, instead of blocking entire categories. It's a good extra step if you've blocked a category but have a brand you really want to avoid on your site. 


Money or monetization.png

Step 3: Confirm how you'd like to receive your monthly deposits.

Reach out to your Sortable for eCommerce representative and get set up. We'll ask for your payment details and set you up as a payee—so you can enjoy your new, monthly advertising revenue. 

Optional: Ad Networks require an updated privacy policy accessible on your web site.  If you don't have one, you can generate one here. Be sure it meets the needs of your local privacy regulations.

Questions? We're here to help. Contact team@sortable.com or reach out to your Sortable representative.