Building a sophisticated digital advertising business is complicated. With Sortable for eCommerce, you can augment your existing retail business and offset marketing costs by hosting advertising directly on your site.  

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Retailer-focused service

Custom reports

Use Sortable's robust analytics platform to create custom reports and dashboards to surface granular insights on retailer marketing campaigns, websites, and audience segments. Filter data across any dimension, including geo, browser type, device, viewability, landing page, or session depth.


Yield optimization 

Sortable’s vendor-agnostic client-side container provides header bidding for display advertising. In addition to increasing competition for each impression, our container delivers on-page decisioning to detect non-human traffic, track viewability, and optimize floors and timeouts.


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Fast, safe, and transparent

Sortable's container code is light on page and optimized for speed to maintain user experience and minimize impact on conversion.

Our container powers our robust analytics platform by collecting impression-level data to compliment your existing revenue and customer LTV reporting. We can also facilitate experimentation and A/B testing to determine the optimal layout for your site. 

We understand that ad quality is of primary concern for eCommerce sites, so our solution for eCommerce comes with a robust ad quality solution to give retailers full control of their blocking strategy. 

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Dedicated engineering team

Challenges in online advertising often require highly technical solutions. We started with a primarily technical team, and we have continued to build on this engineering foundation. Our team is now 70% technical staff, working to build, maintain, and integrate our solutions, alleviating the need for retailers to build large technical teams to manage their monetization strategy.
Our team is agile and responsive, and are continuously working on new solutions to meet the needs of our eCommerce clients. 

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