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Vendor-agnostic header bidding

Sortable Enterprise provides a vendor-agnostic header bidding wrapper for display advertising

Integrating with a publisher's existing GPT/DFP set up or running parallel to Amazon TAM, Sortable Enterprise allows publishers to add sophisticated header bidding without requiring extensive changes to their existing stack.

Our header bidding wrapper provides a variety of optimization tools, including:

  • Flexible flooring

  • Dynamic timeouts

  • Bid factoring

  • AdX flooring

  • Non-human traffic detection

  • Compliance code

We also provide differentiated server-to-server connections to SSPs and DSPs via Sortable Server-Side Container, at no additional cost.

Sortable is agnostic to who monetizes our inventory, and we trust their judgement on what ad placement or refresh rates can do to improve viewability, fill rate, and overall yield. We look at them as a data-driven team with a solution that provides core facts and guidance on making the right decision to increase yield.

Sortable helps TextNow gain double digit growth in ad performance

See how Sortable's data and analytics revealed opportunities to improve ad products and behaviours–increasing viewability by 220% and CPM by 148%.


With Sortable Enterprise, publishers can use any combination of their own seats and Sortable seats to create the optimal mix of demand partners. Sortable Enterprise integrates with all common SSPs and AdX, and supports direct campaigns, campaign roadblocks, and PMPs (via AdX or Rubicon).  

Sortable Enterprise supports a variety of ad executions such as sticky ad units, responsive ad units, and refresh, and allows decisioning such as lazy load initiation and event-based execution.

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Big data infrastructure allows normalized data from multiple data sources, including Google AdX and header bidding, to provide a consolidated, unified view of performance.

Measure effectiveness of monetization by over thirty dimensions including partner, geo, size, device and key-value pairs.

Provide content and marketing teams with revenue data to:

  • measure effectiveness of content and marketing efforts

  • identify high-performing content, campaign, authors

  • inform future content and marketing decisions


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