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Consolidated revenue reporting

Sortable Analytics for Prebid provides a unified view of monetization performance. Our user-friendly dashboard allows publishers to quickly drill in on overall revenue and CPM trends across any combination of dimensions, including:

  • Partner
  • Geo
  • Ad Unit
  • Size
  • Device
  • Hour

Our partner reports allow publishers to understand SSP auction performance by:

  • Bid rate
  • Win rate
  • Timeout rate
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Measure other facets of your business

Sortable Analytics for Prebid also allows publishers to gain insights into the performance of content and marketing efforts.

Publishers can report on revenue across non-revenue dimensions, such as UTM parameters, to identify top performing marketing and audience development campaigns. 

Reporting on performance by page- and slot-level key values provides insights into performance by:

  • Category
  • Author
  • Layout
  • DMP Segment
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Create custom reports and visualizations

  • CPM by Session Depth
  • Browser and Device Type
  • Bidder Lift
  • Report Builder to create, save and schedule emails for custom supports
  • Build custom widgets and dashboards

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