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All-in-one monetization solution

Our managed solution brings demand relationships with SSPs, DSPs, and agencies, along with sophisticated bid and flooring strategies, to increase yield for each impression.

We maintain the partner relationships and technology stack, which means small- to medium-sized publishers can focus on creating content, not chasing payments or handling complicated integrations. 

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Built-in analytics 

Sortable's integrated analytics platform allows publishers to easily understand monetization.

Our platform provides unified, near-real time monetization reporting across over 30 dimensions, including:

  • Partner

  • Geo

  • Placement

  • Device

  • Hour

  • URL

  • SIze

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Revenue reporting across non-revenue dimensions

We also report on revenue based on non-revenue dimensions, such as:

  • URL
  • Author
  • Topic/section
  • Page layout
  • UTM
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Light-on-page code to facilitate experimentation and A/B testing

Continuously improve user experience and ad performance by experimenting with ad unit placement and page layout changes. Our code, combined with our analytics platform, allows publishers to continuously run, measure, and report on results of experiments and A/B tests such as;

  • Ad unit layout changes
  • Page layout (long form, pagination)
  • Ad treatments

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