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Sortable helps digital publishers make more money. We are a Google-certified publishing partner serving over 250MM uniques and 8 Billion monthly ad requests.

With Sortable's complete Header Bidding solution, you'll be able to ...

  • Use our approved header bidding container.

  • Use our demand partner relationships with SSPs, Exchanges, DSPs (including AdX), and our own server-to-server connections, or continue to use your own.

  • Be setup in our Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP), or use your own.

  • Benefit from consolidated payments with favorable payment terms.

  • Use all of our built-in analytics. Our industry-leading analytics platform allows publishers to easily understand monetization. We can report in near real-time on over 30 metrics and dimensions including viewability, key values, Session RPM, UTM parameters, and more.

  • Implement block lists.

  • Receive advice from our ad-ops experts on the best ad refresh strategies.

  • Gain ad quality protection, including mobile redirect prevention.

  • Use our CMP for GDPR, or your own CMP to safely monetize EEA impressions

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