Find Leadership Careers

Sortable’s success takes the contributions of many driven, talented people. Our leadership team recognizes this and unlocks their teams’ potential by creating an environment of collaboration, feedback, and iteration.

What makes Sortable different?

Ongoing leadership training

We actively develop the skills of our leadership team–you'll participate in regular sessions with your peers to discuss business initiatives. We hold leadership development sessions with the purpose of providing you with the skills to support your team. And, you’ll have an annual education credit to apply to the learning of your choice.

Head up smart, talented teams

We take the right steps to hire the smartest, most driven, and talented people. For a leader, that means that you'll lead, coach, and mentor strong individuals. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish when you bring your leadership skills to that environment of high velocity and high impact.

As part of the management team, I work closely with leaders who genuinely support their team members to help them meet their goals.
— Amanda, Talent Manager

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