ScienceDaily improves website monetization through Sortable for Small Business

ScienceDaily’s website monetization improved through demand partners, ad quality and industry expertise.


About ScienceDaily

ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more—from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations.

At a glance

Customer: ScienceDaily

Industry: Research News

Headquarters: Rockville, M.D.


  • Ad monetization for web

  • Ad quality

  • Access to demand partners

Solutions: Sortable for Small Business


Sortable is the honest broker that can help mediate all these ad exchanges and navigate an industry that can be, frankly, too much for any individual publisher to manage alone. With Sortable, we know that they have tools like ad quality protection and deep industry expertise to ensure that our ad tech stack is executing efficiently.
— Dan Hogan, Editor of ScienceDaily


ScienceDaily was looking for a partner to manage its ad tech stack that could effectively execute website monetization in their best interests and oversee their partnerships so they can dedicate more time on editorial content.

Previously, ScienceDaily worked with Google Ad Manager and various ad exchanges rather than a header bidding system. This became time-consuming for a team that lacked experience in ad tech. ScienceDaily wanted to find a solution that could address the following issues:

Demand partners – ScienceDaily wanted the flexibility to create direct and sponsorship deals with advertisers to diversify their revenue.

Ad quality – ScienceDaily wanted responsive and knowledgeable support from an ad tech provider to combat any issues that could impact their customers and optimize ad units for the best user experience.

Industry expertise – It was important for ScienceDaily to have a partner that could help navigate the ad tech industry and plan for any changes or trends.



We gradually implemented Sortable for Small Business for ScienceDaily to compare ad performance.

For several months, Sortable’s Customer Success team tested our ad tech stack against ScienceDaily’s existing ad tech stack to identify areas of improvement. Once they switched their entire site inventory to Sortable, ScienceDaily saw an immediate daily revenue increase of approx. 20%. 

Sortable’s team worked closely with ScienceDaily for several months to further optimize both desktop and mobile ad layouts to increase viewability by device. Sortable’s header bidding solution included introducing new demand partners and implementing lazy loading.


Working with Sortable, ScienceDaily has seen an improvement of their ad revenue, CPMs, and impressions and continued optimization to their ad stack such as flooring algorithms, unique demand, and ad layouts.

ScienceDaily has taken this opportunity to focus on long-term wins like combating seasonality and improving user experience. ScienceDaily was looking to reduce the impact of seasonality which is known to affect advertiser spend and thus, CPMs. In January 2019, seasonality appeared to have little impact on ScienceDaily’s ad performance and instead, saw a significant increase of 19.8% eCPM from the previous year. Sortable and ScienceDaily collaborated in implementing different techniques like lazy loading, ad layouts, and a/b testing to minimize the effects of seasonality. 

In the past year, ScienceDaily has chosen to really focus on providing strong user experience to its customers. Their team is dedicated to improving ad layouts (for example, the number of ads per page) and overall ad quality. With Sortable for Small Business, ScienceDaily has the opportunity to focus on key areas of interest, like ad tech trends, their users, and quality editorial content.

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