Factinate combines Sortable tech and content strategy to quadruple revenue

Without increasing or decreasing the amount of ads per page, and by focusing on long-form content, Factinate saw organic growth of 60% to CPM, doubled session RPM and a 400% increase in yield.


About Factinate

Factinate is a general knowledge website with a mission to fill the world with interesting, bite-sized, curated facts about everything and anything. Factinate deploys a network of writers to research fact-based content for their website.

At a glance

Customer: Factinate

Industry: Entertainment

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • Ad monetization for Web publication

  • Ad quality

  • Access to demand partners

  • Reporting

Solutions: Sortable for Small Business


Our eCPM has risen by 60% since we started working with Sortable, and this has largely been due to Sortable bringing us access to new demand partners and giving us the reporting we need to optimize our site layouts to keep our users and advertisers happy.
— Joshua Mendelssohn, Co-Founder, Factinate


Factinate was looking for a replacement header-bidding solution that would increase yield on their programmatic advertising, and also address several concerns to grow their readership and revenue.

Co-founders Joshua Mendelssohn and Jeff Myers were fairly technical, and looking for a self-serve solution which could manage ad operations, reporting, demand partners, and ad quality.

Ad quality

Factinate wanted responsive and knowledgeable support from an ad-tech provider after negative experiences combating bad ads. Says Josh, “If we’re getting tons of malicious ads, it doesn’t matter how high our eCPMs or how good our reporting is, our site won’t survive because we’re not policy compliant.”


Factinate’s content writers were tasked with tying the performance of their posts back to insights around audience demographics. They wanted accurate reporting and granularity to know what was working, and what wasn’t. Revenue reporting was limited to revenue by UTM parameters.

Demand partners

Factinate needed access to additional quality demand sources bidding on their advertising inventory.



Factinate assessed Sortable’s header bidding technology against select providers both at the time of its implementation and in ongoing split tests for performance and value.

Over a period of twelve months, Sortable identified areas to optimize for viewability, particularly focused on technical changes and content strategy. Sortable worked with Factinate to move its ad strategy to lazy loading, and transition to long-form content.

To deliver on a fraud-free user experience, Factinate leveraged malicious ad-blocking scripts and configuration expertise offered by Sortable in partnerships with ad quality solution providers.

Factinate benefited from five new demand partners introduced through Sortable’s partnership with demand sources. Additional demand connections were activated through Sortable’s Server-to-Server Container.

Previously, Factinate used UTM reporting which offered revenue by each UTM parameter. As one of the few ad-tech providers who offer session RPM granularity,  and line up session data with UTM, Factinate used Sortable Analytics to gain more granular information on metrics like revenue, sessions, pageviews, and viewability.  Says Joshua, “It’s the first dashboard I’ve seen that allows us to pivot our programmatic advertising data by almost any metric. We can now see how specific traffic sources on specific layouts are affecting site-wide viewability which helps us make decisions that keep our advertisers happy.” Sortable’s Analytics provided Factinate with accurate data on user behaviour to better understand the impact of layout and content on readers.


Over the course of twelve months, Factinate saw an increase across three key metrics, which acted as proxies for yield: CPM, Session RPM, and Page RPM.

Without increasing or decreasing the amount of ads per page, and by focusing on long-form content, Factinate saw organic growth of 60% to CPM, and doubled session RPM.







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