Empowering Publishers

Sortable’s full monetization platform and robust analytics surface actionable insights that empower publishers to make data-driven decisions.


Our mission

Sortable is a customer-focused, data-driven engineering company, committed to solving the complex technical challenges that accompany the digital publishing industry. We believe in preserving the open web and empowering publishers to be successful in a fragmented ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the complexities of publishing operations and pass more ad spend dollars onto publishers.


Our technologies

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Sortable Header Bidding

Sortable’s vendor-agnostic client-side container provides header bidding for display advertising. In addition to increasing competition for each impression, our container delivers on-page decisioning to detect non-human traffic, track viewability, and optimize floors and timeouts.

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Sortable Analytics

Sortable Analytics can help you increase understanding of the important work your team does, and start meaningful conversations on everything from the impact of increasing bidders on revenue to how your content and marketing teams are generating return on investment.


Our solutions


Sortable for Small Business

A managed solution for small and mid-market publishers looking to optimize yield and improve user experience.


Sortable Enterprise

A flexible solution for publishers with existing direct campaigns or partner relationships. Integrate with your existing publisher’s DFP,  maintain existing direct campaigns and demand relationships, and get access to a robust analytics platform.

Sortable for eCommerce

A turn-key solution for retail and eCommerce that combines complex header bidding technology with premium demand connections, managed for you.



Premium partners

Get top advertisers bidding for your ad inventory. We help manage partnerships with the best exchanges and SSPs.

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Request a Demo

Sortable offers a full suite of solutions, from stack optimization, to rich monetization, content, and marketing analytics.

We work with stable sites that:

  • Generate a minimum of 50MM monthly page views
  • Attract high-quality, primarily organic traffic
  • Have a highly engaged user base
  • Do not compromise the user experience in favor of ad revenue

If this sounds like you, please fill out the form and our Publisher Development team will be in touch to discuss how we can work together.